Conference Day 2

8:00 AM - 8:45 AM Morning coffee


Brigjen TNI Jan Pieter Ate

Directorate General of Defence Potential
Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Indonesia

9:00 AM - 9:30 AM Key Maritime Security Issues In Southeast Asia And Their Impact On The Region’s Navies

Ridzwan Rahmat, Senior Defence & Security Analyst, IHS Janes
  • Overview of the existing maritime security and coastal surveillance capabilities of the various navies in Southeast Asia
  • Operational, budgetary and technical challenges facing the various navies in Southeast Asia and steps taken to address these issues
  • Procuring for 2017 and beyond: Analysis of maritime security equipment, systems and weapons needed by navies in Southeast Asia - submarines, fighter planes, missles, radar, etc.


Ridzwan Rahmat

Senior Defence & Security Analyst
IHS Janes

9:30 AM - 10:00 AM Understanding The Relevance and Importance of Hydro-Oceanographic Information in Supporting Maritime Domain Awareness

Rear Admiral Hardjo Susmoro, Head of Hydro Oceanography Office, Indonesia Navy
  • Understanding the importance of hydro-oceanographic information to safeguard Indonesia's maritime sovereignty
  • Challenges faced in collecting accurate information across Indonesia's vast archipelago
  • Identifying the gaps in assets and technology needed to improve its information gathering service


Rear Admiral Hardjo Susmoro

Head of Hydro Oceanography Office
Indonesia Navy

10:00 AM - 10:30 AM The Changing Face Of Piracy And Marine Armed Robberies And Steps Taken By MMEA To Combat Them

First Admiral Ibrahim Bin Mohamed, Director of Maritime Crime Investigation Department, Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency
  • Overview of existing maritime criminal activities across Malaysia and steps taken by MMEA to address these criminal activities
  • Addition of new assets and upgrading of existing assets to combat increasingly sophisticated and technologically-savvy pirates and armed robbers
  • The need for increased inter-agency coordination and intelligence sharing to effectively address these illegal activities

First Admiral Ibrahim Bin Mohamed

Director of Maritime Crime Investigation Department
Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency

10:30 AM - 11:00 AM Morning Coffee & Networking Session

11:00 AM - 11:30 AM Examining Bakamla’s Patrol Requirements: Key Procurement Priorities For 2017 And Beyond

Brigadier General Police Abdul Gofur, Director of Research and Development, Bakamla
  • Understanding the various operational challenges faced by Bakamla and the need to modernise its vessel platforms
  • Shortcomings in Bakamla’s various existing vessel platforms from recent operational maritime activities and steps taken to address these issues
  • Overview on the maritime patrol plans for 2017 and beyond plus the technological requirements needed to meet these goals

Brigadier General Police Abdul Gofur

Director of Research and Development

11:30 AM - 12:00 PM Examining the Operational Effectiveness of the Western Fleet Quick Response (WFQR) Model in Combating Piracy and Improving Maritime Surveillance

First Admiral Yudo Margano, Chief of Staff of Western Fleet Command, Indonesia Navy
  • Achievements of the WFQR Model in Combating Piracy and determining whether it can be replicated in Indonesia's Eastern Fleet
  • Understanding the various internal and external coordination strategies that contributed to the success of the WFQR model
  • Identifying the asset and technology gaps that could further improve the effectiveness of the WFQR model - eg. fast missile boats, survey vessels, destroyers, landing craft tank, frigates, submarines, etc.
  • Capabilities sought from any new purchases, including capability to defend against stealth frigates and improving night-time capabilities


First Admiral Yudo Margano

Chief of Staff of Western Fleet Command
Indonesia Navy

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Networking Lunch

1:00 PM - 1:30 PM Equipping Basarnas With Enough Land, Maritime And Airborne Assets To Drastically Improve The Success Of Search And Rescue Operations

Air Vice Marshall M. Syaugi (*pending final availability), Head, Badan SAR Nasional
  • Overview of Basarnas’ capabilities, past missions successes and level of coordination with other maritime agencies for search and rescue missions
  • Operational, technological and manpower challenges for Basarnas and measures taken by the organization overcome these issues
  • Procurement for 2017 and beyond – The types of technology, maritime and aerial assets needed to improve Basarnas’ search and rescue capabilities

Air Vice Marshall M. Syaugi (*pending final availability)

Badan SAR Nasional

1:30 PM - 2:00 PM Effective Countermeasures Against Organised Transnational Marine Crimes In Malaysia’s Territorial Waters

SAC Abdul Rahim Abdullah, Commander, Malaysia Marine Police Force
  • Review of the Royal Malaysian Police (RMP) existing maritime surveillance programmes and its effectiveness in combating organised transnational marine crimes
  • Technological and operational challenges faced by RMP in conducting law-enforcement activities across the sprawling Indonesia-Malaysia maritime border
  • The surveillance technology and assets needed to meet RMP’s operational goals
  • The need to coordinate with Indonesia’s various maritime enforcement agencies to improve maritime security and sea navigation

SAC Abdul Rahim Abdullah

Malaysia Marine Police Force
  • Overview of the importance of these straits in terms of trade and shipping route
  • Identification of threats to these straits and amount of losses Indonesia has sustained over the past five years
  • Resources being allocated into securing these straits – radars, patrol vessels, aerial surveillance
  • Effectiveness of Indonesia’s Integrated Maritime Surveillance System and how it can be expanded to improve coverage
  • Importance of coordinating joint-patrols with counterparts from neighbouring countries
  • Technology requirement to improve surveillance and security of these straits – land assets such as passive radars, USVs, mobile surveillance systems
  • Type of power supply and infrastructure needed to support a comprehensive radar surveillance network

Brigjen Pol. Drs. M. Chairul Noor Alamsyah

Indonesia Marine Police

First Admiral Hj Adon Bin Shahlan

Head of Southern Maritime Region
Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency

SAC Abdul Rahim Abdullah

Malaysia Marine Police Force

First Admiral Rahmat Eko Rahardjo

Director of Maritime Sea Operation

3:00 PM - 3:30 PM Afternoon Coffee And Networking Session

3:30 PM - 4:00 PM Combating The Growing Sophistication Of Human Traffickers And Kidnappers In Indonesia’s Maritime Boundaries

Brigjen Pol. Drs. M. Chairul Noor Alamsyah, Director, Indonesia Marine Police
  • Overview on human trafficking in Southeast Asia and identification of frequent entry/exit points in Indonesia
  • Evolution of human traffickers and kidnappers – the increased sophistication of tactics, increased use of technology and more advanced weapons
  • Steps taken by Indonesia Marine Police to combat such illegal activities, including conducting more inshore patrols across Indonesia
  • Procurement of assets to combat increasingly sophisticated pirates and armed robbers, including the use of advanced armed small surface combatants that are suitable for shallow water operations

Brigjen Pol. Drs. M. Chairul Noor Alamsyah

Indonesia Marine Police

4:00 PM - 4:30 PM Addressing The Growth And Increasing Sophistication Of Non-Traditional Maritime Threats In Indonesia

Iis Gindarsah, Researcher, Politics and International Relations, Centre for Strategic and International Studies
  • Overview of non-traditional maritime issues affecting Indonesia – illegal fishing, smuggling, human trafficking, piracy, armed robberies, kidnapping
  • Impact of non-traditional maritime issues on Indonesia’s economy and maritime sovereignty
  • Preparedness of Indonesia’s maritime agencies in combating non-traditional maritime issues

Iis Gindarsah

Researcher, Politics and International Relations
Centre for Strategic and International Studies

Brigjen TNI Jan Pieter Ate

Directorate General of Defence Potential
Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Indonesia